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So you've seen my favourites and looked at how some people use busts and sculpture in their interior design, highly themed businesses, blingy, upscale cribs, sweet cottages, much loved homes. Every type of space seems to be enhanced by the right type of sculpture. There's nothing stuffy or academic about their use; you can play it up, down or any way you want with these 3D additions.  So if you are thinking of adding to, changing or starting all over again with your interior design aesthetic here is a good place to start. 

Its easy to bring one of these fellas/ladies home. Just click on the links below and your halfway there. If you chose to buy I'll get a small percentage commission but please note I wouldn't recommend anything that I either haven't bought myself or would love someone to buy for me (hint hint). 

The internet is a treasure trove, an unending embarrassment of riches. The Vatican museums alone could take a life time to explore and so much is on the web. Here i give you links to some of the most inspiring websites/organisations that I have stumbled across. Some, like the British Museum are world famous others much less so. As ever its my personal choice so apologies for any glaring gaps

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Links and Links and Links 

Buy the Bust (or sculpture) 

This beautifully curvaceous statue will give hours of pleasure (but that's enough about that!). Yes its a little pricey but it will out last us all and i can see your grandchildren telling stories about how they used to visit granda pa and wonder if it was a statue of grand ma 

An affordable (under £50) bust of Minerva is a wise investment to kick off your 3D interior design refurb. You could build a room around her and yet she is so modest even with that splendid helmet.

Venus you have to love here. This bust is a modern take on an ancient goddess. I particularly like here eyes. She seems to be looking out at........you and you alone (or is it that other person standing next to you? she's like that is Venus)

Here Hulking Hercules hurculeanly (ok I'll stop, alliteration never wins friends) wears the lion he killed. This is my personal favourite. Our no nonsense hero will add power and vigour to your life, you will be unstoppable (ok I'll stop again) and it might just look nice in your home. 

Apollo, who definitely had his eye on his dad's job throughout the greek myths was rarely mocked and is still feared by some in Greece (guides would make tourists put on a shirt in his presence incase their semi undress brought down his wrath). This is another affordable bust that will look good anywhere so if you want to shop for a statue of Apollo, the most charasmatic of the Gods this is your man/God.  Zeus watch your back.

Why not make your own bust with this 3D printer which as you can see is printing the devine nefertiti. Are we entering the age of the democratic bust? where everyone can ensure imortality at least in this most enduring form of art? Uncles, aunts and that other shifty looking relative all bustified in their entrance hall. This is what progress looks like, bring it on.