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In Your Home and Business

I've asked alot of  people if they would have a bust in their home and quite a few said they really belonged in museums or public places, that they are a bit fusty or tediously academic. I'm having none if it I shout and march off offended, tears in my eyes vowing revenge -


OK so i don't , everyone's entitled to their opinion etc etc however below i would like to show you a new way with busts, starting with a glamourous Bistro in deepest South East London which shows how suptuous and fun a themed room can be

Imperial Arms, Chislehurst

Created by the interior designer to the stars, Martyn Lawrence Bullard (whose clients have included Sir Elton John)  this wonderful little Bistro attached to a london Boozer makes full use of the areas connection with Napoleon III who was exiled to Chislehurst in the 19th century. Strong, dark colours add drama, the candles in bottles reference bistros of long ago (well the 1970s and 80s). The lighting brings the bling and it manages to be over the top, cosy and fun at the same time. (photos by permission of the very friendly landlord) 

The designer wisely steered clear of any likeness of Napoleon III instead using a bust of Napoleon the I, his most famous love and timeless classical images. 


In contrast this serious looking Parisian cellar combines atmospheric lighting and an oversized bust that teeters on the edge of a table. Surely not child or even drunken Brit friendly. The French  eh, they have a certain something.  

Yes its Einstein, Everyone's favourite scientist (don't tell Stephen Hawkins) naughtily greeting guests in this light and airy hall-way wearing a white red nose (yes its paradoxical because its complicated and deep).


You can't go wrong with white could be the scientific rule of interior design. 

Popular with all creeds and none, buddhas are the acceptable, serene face of religion/spirituality. Be uplifted, ego begone

What is the plural of Elvis? If you know please share, but not with me. These three subtley different busts make me thank God for the USA and all its given us. 

She needs no introduction, not even in lego. This playful number has a great smile. My favourite icon: Et in Arcadia Lego

Sweet busts dotted around the place add a touch of intrigue and a dash of exotica to any home be it ever so umble, so very umble

Double Take: I think this works, the overlap makes you look at them afresh

What a rockin Horse

Spot the Bust, can you see her? 

dappled light, roses, a cottage window, what a fortunate bust this one is