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The Talented Mr Zachary Eastwood-Bloom

November 3, 2017

Sometimes I see a work and i'm home, connected. I can rarely explain why and if i hear the artists description of what and why they  make what they make it rarely tallies  with why i like it or how i interpret it if indeed i interpret it at all. However it can happen that I connect and am sort of on the same track, It doesn't happen often but when it does i become a fan boy/fan gender doesn't matter sometimes. 


Zachary Eastwood Bloom is a young british artist wot  only graduated in 2010 and he is also a very big talent currently exhibiting at London's only Sculpture Gallery, Pangolin London (hard to believe that in the biggest city in Europe we can only manage one Gallery soley dedicated to sculpture and yet there are seven galleries dedicated to crisp packets ! - no there are not, but just for a second you thought "well yes i can see how that would be", i am being daft and as its my blog i'll be as daft as i like ! )


Now here is the thing: i've never seen any of his sculpture in the flesh, just online in 2D. Well I'm going to visit the gallery this Monday or Tuesday and see them for real. If you click on the Pangolin link above it will take you to a video and PDF catalogue of his work so there is rich pickings. 


For his Pangolin solo exhibition Zachary Eastwood Bloom (ZEB) has created  8 works based on the planets in our solar system. The old and the new intersect and re-emerge as something both known and yet to be discovered. For some reason I think of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, XRP, Ether etc,  money but not money and so much of this digital world we live it which mixes it all up and who knows what will come of it. 


I'll let you know what the experience was like and how it compares with my expectations. The main thing is to expect very little and then......


ps ZEB's website is pretty darn good so go take a look. I'd so like to have one of his works in my house. How about you? 


The image below is not one of ZEBS works but the gold and the new/old nature of bitcoin reminds me of his work. Its new technology, block chain has made many compare it to one of the oldest carriers of value - gold. 






No images of ZEB's in this post as i've requested use of one image for this website and am waiting to hear back. 







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