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Introducing Zachary Eastwood Bloom

January 5, 2018

Zachary Eastwood Bloom's recent exhibition, Divine Principles, at the Pangolin Gallery in London's famous King's Cross was for me all about the physical presence of scultpure.The sculptures are classical and in-transition. We can't escape the classical past as it still underpins much of our thinking, building and doing but we are also so different (thank god) and the couple of thousand years between us and them isn't getting any shorter. Having seen his work online I wondered if I would like them face to face, a bit like internet dating. You never know until you know. 


I need not have worried as it was love at first sight. If it wasn't for price tags at around 22k I would have bought at least two sculptures for my home. 


Let me know what you think


Venus Celcis with Sacred Geometry in the background





 Orphan of Apollo/Mars 



 I am sandwiched between a study of Uranus and Jupiter (no laughing at the back) 



 Venus Celestis 





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