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Professor Mary Beard Answers our Busts and Sculpture Questionnaire

January 26, 2018

Our first person of renown, brains and learning to answer the questionnaire is Professor Mary Beard (no not Mary Berry, she makes cakes and there is not yet a Professor of Cakes- oh what unenlightened times we live in -when will we learn ? ) of Cambridge University. Professor Beard has presented many TV programmes on Roman civilisation and her many books appeal to the classical newbie and the learned alike. She has deftly swotted away internet misogynists and even gracefully took one out for tea to help him to  be a bit better than his worst rant.


Her latest book, Women and Power , looks at the classical origins of sexism and seeks to redefine power so that it includes women. 








Q: What is your favourite sculptural bust and why? 


Prof Beard: Commodos as Hercules.... its combination of cleverness and artistic expertise 




Q: Your favourite sculpture? (figurative if possible)


Prof Beard: Laocoon




Q: What other 3D art works inspire/intrigue you that we might be surprised by?


Prof Beard: The Colossi of Memnon 




 Q: Do you have any busts or sculptures in your home?


Prof Beard: two 3D print outs of the Arles Julius Caesar




Me: I knew Pro Beard would have 3D print outs. I'm getting this 3D printer so I can join the revolution. 



 Q: With the advent of 3D printing could there be a bust in every home and which family members would you have a bust of? 


Prof Beard: ?????


Q: Where would you put a bust of yourself?


Prof Beard: ??????


Q: Who deserves to have a bust in a public space


Prof Beard: No one deserves !!



So there you have it. My favourite is Commodos as Hercules. It never ceases to amaze me how he could be so different to his dad, the venerable emperor Marcus Aurelius but then again Marcus did spend a lot of time writing his Meditations rather than quality time with his son ( I know quality time is naff chronistic but come on he had to do something wrong to get a son like that). 









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