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Erotic Sculpture Sacred, Profane and Just Damned Sexy-No Spiritual or High Falutin Excuse Needed

June 2, 2018

Boy oh boy was I a little puritan growing up. Irish Catholicism  doesn't leave much room for the erotic ( it didn't leave any room and wasn't mentioned)- however i've worked through the guilt and hopefully you don't have to and if you do good luck, there is light at the end of the tunnel. 


What the erotic can do is uplift your spirits, remind you of a primal urge that if used right will never get old and right up to the end bring a smile to your face and a blush to someone elses, then a bigger smile to your face and so on  thus a virtuous circle of smile/blush/bigger smile will begin and a wheel of happiness set in motion. 


The erotic content of some Indian temples is as well known as the karma Sutra but i'm not sure how much it permiated everyday life? was it a thing apart? only Ok in a certain setting? I suppose we will never know but there it is in all its glory adding to the possibilities in the world and linking sexuality to the divine. 




Mukteshwar Temple Erotice Scene: i love the smiling faces. They are obviously having a good time 

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